Creator ITB,Texperts Solutions. Full Stack Developer. Developed Projects in C#,JQuery,Angular JS .


Content Writer. "As a content writer, I provide most relevant content to the website and engage visitors so that they can enjoy browsing our website and my aim is towards improving website SEO. As a design verification engineer I carry out the design testing process, check if the product is working correctly or not, and ensure the quality of it, assessing the usability, environmental impact and safety of the design."


API & XAMRIN Expert.


Media Head& PHP , JS Developer.Design Xpert,Head of UI Dept. "As a UI head, I am responsible for the product interface design, creative work, and production work. Test the beauty of the interface and the feasibility of the product by users, then record the user feedback. According to the user feedback to optimize the design so that the product meets the needs of users."

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